Old CrowEdit

Old Crow
Old Crow




Frankfort, Kentucky




40% alc/vol ; 43% alc/vol for Reserve



Old Crow is a low-priced brand of Kentucky-made straight bourbon whiskey, along with the slightly higher quality, but still inexpensive Old Crow Reserve brand. It is distilled by Beam Inc., which also produces Jim Beam and several other brands of bourbon whiskey.

The Old Crow brand has a venerable history as one of Kentucky's earliest bourbons, and is distinctive for being the first sour mash process bourbon whiskey. According to the Old crow web site "Old Crow Bourbon is named for the inventor of the sour mash process, Dr. James C. Crow. In fact, in 1835 Old Crow bourbon was the first bourbon to begin using this process that today, has become a standard in the bourbon industry."[1]

Old Crow is aged in barrels for three years, and in the United States is 80 proof while Old Crow Reserve is aged for four years and is 86 proof.

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