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Old Grand-Dad
Old granddad




Booker Noe Plant


Boston, Kentucky


86, 100, and 114


Oak Barrels

Old Grand-Dad Whiskey is a bourbon style whiskey made in Boston, Kentucky. It made from a mash consisting of corn, rye, and barley. The recipe is said to date back to the 1840s, and has been produced by several companies through the years. Currently it is a brand owned by the Jim Beam company.

The color is one of the stronger points of Old Grand-Dad. It has a deep golden brown color, without doubt a pleasant whiskey to look at.

Some claim this whiskey has some interesting notes, flavors like dried fruits, vanilla, rye, and oak. The primary flavor according to most is burning.

Its a rather low cost whiskey available across the entirety of the United States, and can be found in bars, stores, and restaurants quite easily.

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